Bedside Press is now open for graphic novel submissions via new crowdfunding/mentorship collaboration


Bedside Press is looking to sign publication deals for books from past and upcoming crowdfunding campaigns!

Do you have a project in publication pitch limbo? Do you have the ability and interest to run a crowdfunding campaign to fund your book? If so, Bedside Press wants to hear about your projects, with the possibility of providing a customized crowdfunding mentorship with worldwide distribution, and with rights retained and royalties paid for the creators. Creators can include other small press publishers without distribution, editors, writers, and cartoonists.

Bedside Press has always been on the forefront of innovative distribution and funding for the publishing industry, funding their first book Nelvana of the Northern Lights as soon as the Kickstarter service launched in Canada in 2014. In the time since, Bedside Press has gone on to international acclaim, published award-winning and best-selling authors, received multiple Eisner nominations, and is known as a voice that helps uplift new creatives while also promoting classic historical content.

In addition, as of June 1 2019, Bedside Press books are distributed exclusively and world-wide through Diamond Book Distribution. Bedside Press is also proud to have received several Canada Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, and Winnipeg Arts Council grants.

Using our knowledge of crowdfunding and traditional publishing we are excited to roll out a service where independent creators have worldwide access to markets not normally attainable on their own. We are excited to be able to bring together voices that exemplify Bedside’s mandate of curating stories for curious minds.

With that in mind, a new service is now being offered by Bedside Press. If you are ready to launch your first crowdfunding campaign, and you think that Bedside Press would be an appropriate publisher for your book, we welcome pitches for publication. This service also includes a development/production mentorship (advice on budgeting, marketing, and advertising etc) which includes budget creation and analysis

If your project is accepted for publication by Bedside Press, we will work with you on the budget and planning of your Kickstarter. The responsibility of running the Kickstarter itself, in terms of promotion, is up to the creator, and a contract with Bedside Press would be contingent upon a successful Kickstarter campaign. Bedside Press would also handle all of the taxes and payouts from the Kickstarter if desired, or can invoice relevant parties (printers, shippers) on your behalf.

Bedside Press does not ask for any payment from the campaign. We are making this opportunity available as we want to help more books and graphic novels get into the market. Should the book not fit the mandate of Bedside Press, Bedside reserves the right to not release the book for distribution, however we will still coordinate the delivery of the project to funders.

Bedside Press has previously provided this service informally to several creators including J.N. Monk (Enough Space for Everyone Else), Ashley Robinson (Science!), Hadeel al-Massari (Habibi: A Muslimah Love Anthology), and Gwen Benaway (Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes), and with the creation, but not publication, of Moonshot vol. 1 and Moonshot vol. 2

You are guaranteed that if your project is pitched but not selected, you will receive specific feedback as well as potential recommendations to other publishers*

*we cannot release publisher contact information, however we can forward your pitch on to the appropriate party.

Please email your projects to Feedback will be sent within one week whenever possible.