Bedside Press is providing pitch feedback, crowdfunding mentorship, and publication advice

Do you have a project in publication pitch limbo and want to know what to do next?

Are you looking to run a Kickstarter and don’t know where to start?

Are you a Canadian professional artist/writer who wants to learn about grant opportunities?

If so, Bedside Press wants to hear about your projects!

This new initiative is open to small press publishers without distribution, editors, writers, and cartoonists. If a project has publishing potential and cannot find a home with a larger publisher (which we will recommend you do first), we can also consider your project for Bedside Press publication.

Note: relatively few projects submitted will be offered a publication deal from Bedside Press. Our goal is to help you do what’s right for YOUR project. This means, that every project will receive detailed feedback on its viability in the market, publisher recommendations if the content is considered publishable (which is objective, so don’t necessarily take our word as gospel!), and advice/mentorship on crowdfunding/grants if a publisher cannot be obtained.

Bedside Press has always been on the forefront of innovative distribution and funding for the publishing industry, funding their first book Nelvana of the Northern Lights as soon as the Kickstarter service launched in Canada in 2014. In the time since, Bedside Press has gone on to international acclaim, published award-winning and best-selling authors, received multiple Eisner nominations, and is known as a voice that helps uplift new creatives while also promoting classic historical content.

Bedside Press books are distributed exclusively and world-wide through Diamond Book Distribution. Bedside Press is also proud to have received several Canada Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, and Winnipeg Arts Council grants.

Using our knowledge of crowdfunding, comics, and traditional publishing we are creating a free service where independent creators have worldwide access to markets not normally attainable on their own. We are excited to be able to bring together voices that exemplify Bedside’s mandate of curating stories for curious minds.

The Process

  • Pitch feedback
    • We will review your project and give you honest advice about its market viability and the quality of your pitch. Every project submitted will receive a response.
  • Publisher recommendations
    • Given our knowledge of the publishing infrastructure of comics, if your project has publishing potential, we will recommend publishers for you to approach.
  • Crowdfunding advice
    • If you are interested in running a Kickstarter for your project, and it has market viability, you will receive advice and campaign analysis for your Kickstarter. This includes budget creation and marketing advice.
  • Grant advice
    • If a creative/team is Canadian and has the necessary qualifications, we will work with you to help you apply for project creation grants.
  • Publication contracts
    • If a larger publisher cannot be found, and the project is a good fit for Bedside Press, we may offer you a publication contract.
    • Some projects will be offered contracts contingent on running a successful Kickstarter, in which case Bedside Press will handle all of the financials and fulfilment from the Kickstarter in addition to release of the book to the worldwide distribution market.
      • Bedside Press reserves the right to not release the book for distribution, however if a contract has been established prior to this point, we would still coordinate the delivery of the project to funders and recommend alternate publishers.

Bedside Press does not ask for any payment for these services. We are making this opportunity available as we want to help more books and graphic novels get into the market.

Bedside Press has previously provided a version of these services in the past to several creators including J.N. Monk (Enough Space for Everyone Else), Ashley Robinson (Science!), Hadeel al-Massari (Habibi: A Muslimah Love Anthology), Gwen Benaway (Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes), and AH Comics (Moonshot vol. 1 and Moonshot vol. 2). 

We have recently announced that we are also publishing four titles from the first wave of applicants, press release can be found here:

  • Broodhollow vol. 1 by Kris Straub
  • Jed the Undead by Andi Santagata, edited by Desiree Wilson
  • Awkward Pause by Ryan Harby
  • Gothic Tales of Haunted Love vol. 2 by S.M. Beiko

Please email your pitches to Feedback will be sent within one week whenever possible.


What’s in a Pitch?

A recommended pitch format, which may vary from publisher to publisher, would entail:

  • a PDF with a project information page, several pages of sample art, and creator bios

Project Information Page

  • Title of project
  • 1-3 sentence ‘elevator’ pitch or story summary
  • age range of intended readers
  • genre
  • project’s current status (ie. fully completed, 10 pages completed, 2 pages completed)
  • comparable titles (titles of projects of similar theme and content, can include older titles but should include at least one that was published within the last 3 years)
  • estimated page count
  • page size
  • colour vs. black and white
  • identification of how character identity/storylines will be handled with consideration (consultation, research, lived experience etc.)

Sample Art

  • Pages should be a reasonable size. Not pixellated, but not file size heavy
  • Ideally, sample artwork should be complete. However, pages from artists’ previous projects are fine if nothing is available for this project.

Creator Bios

  • Previous publications
  • Country of residence
  • Awards received

This can be fairly brief, a cv is not necessary and can be included on the project info page if it fits:

ie. Hope Nicholson is an Eisner-nominated publisher of graphic novels who lives in Winnipeg, MB. Her previous experience includes writing “The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen” (Quirk Books, 2017).