Submissions Open: Indigenous Superhero Anthology

Submissions Open: Indigenous Superhero Anthology


An upcoming 100 page anthology of superhero stories by Indigenous creators for middle-grade (elementary school) readers!

Your definition of superhero is open to interpretation! Superpowers but no costume? No problem. No powers, but fights crime on a regular basis? Totally cool! Set the stories in any time, past present or future!

The superhero genre has traditionally stereotyped or ignored Indigenous characters, to say nothing of Indigenous creators themselves (check out this link for more information by researcher Michael Sheyahshe)

As a result, comic conventions which commonly cater to superhero fans, don’t often showcase the wide array of talent that we see of native comic creators. So, let’s fix that, and give native superheroes and their creators a chance to shine, and give readers around the world a beautiful collection of new stories!

Please feel free to pitch stories that feature Two-Spirit/Queer and/or multi-racial heroes. Submissions from outside of North America featuring Indigenous creators from other countries are welcome as well.

Project Details:

Authors: Cartoonists must be Indigenous, artist/writer teams can have a non-Indigenous artist, but preference will be given to all Indigenous teams

Competition: We have room for 10 stories for this project.

Art: Stories will be printed at 6×9 and must include colour art.

Timeline: A Kickstarter will be launched to fund the project before end of December 2019, stories will be due within three months from the end of a successful campaign.

Rights: Authors own full rights to the story and may republish at any time. Bedside Press retains the right to print the story only within this collection.

Payment: Cartoonists will be paid $75 per page; previously created stories are also eligible for consideration, at a license fee of $25 per page. Full page illustrations will be paid at $100 per page.

Comps: Authors will receive 1 comp copy and the ability to buy more at print cost + shipping.

Final Page length: ~10 pages

Pitch Deadline: October 1, 2019

All successful and unsuccessful submissions will be notified by the publisher within two weeks of the end of deadline.

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