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Sally the Sleuth
by Adolphe Barreaux

A collection of the classic sex and crime pulp comics of Sally the Sleuth, a detective’s assistant willing to do anything to catch her man!

A Bunch of Jews (and other stuff)
by Trina Robbins

An anthology of classic Yiddish short stories translated to English and adapted by noted cartoonists. Eisner-nominated for Best Anthology in 2018.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love
by Hope Nicholson & S.M. Beiko

An anthology of modern gothic romance comics created by noted cartoonists such as Cecil Castellucci, David A. Robertson, Colleen Coover and many more.

Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming
by Ann Marie Fleming

A heartwarming graphic novel about a young girl who leaves her sheltered life in Canada to discover the magic and wonder of Persian poetry in Iran. Along the way she discovers the secret behind the overprotection of her Chinese grandparents who raised her and the estrangement of her Iranian father, a former soldier.
Market: Middle-grade

Love Beyond Body, Space and Time
By Hope Nicholson

A prose anthology of sci-fi and fantasy fiction by Indigenous authors, all featuring queer & Two-Spirit heroes.
Market: Young Adult

Fashion In Action
by John K Snyder III

A reprint of the 1980s Eclipse series featuring a group of high-priced celebrity bodyguards in the far future.

Available only for individual sale:

King of Pies/Street Style Samurai
by Ryan Harby & Jamie Isfeld
(available through this website)

A collection of comics from Winnipeg cartoonists Ryan Harby and Jamie Isfeld! King of Pies is a selection of strips first showcased on Ryan’s webcomic series Honey Dill, featuring absurd depictions of the everyday, and Street Style Samurai is a short collection of stories featuring a samurai who pursues vengeance – and fashion.

Enough Space for Everyone Else
by J. N. Monk & Lee Black
(available through Amazon & comiXology)

A collection of outer space comics, all without colonial or imperial themes! That’s right – just space, no wars.

Hit Reblog: Comics that Caught Fire
by Megan Kearney
(available through Amazon & comiXology)

In this collection, Megan Kearney examines the ins and outs of sudden internet fame by dissecting the true stories behind the internet’s most famous comics and cartoonists. Featuring original cartoons by Megan Kearney, and showcasing 20 top webcomic cartoonists including Kris Straub (chainsawsuit), Cyanide & Happiness, Dami Lee, and many more.

Brok Windsor
by Jon Stables
(available through Amazon & comiXology)

A collection of every Brok Windsor strip published during Canada’s golden age of comics. Brok Windsor was an adventurer journeying into Lake of the Woods, when a mysterious mist transports him to a magical island full of monsters, and a transformation into a sudden giant. With the help of his new friends, Torgon an expert flying ace and Blackpaw chief, and Starra, the imprisoned granddaughter of a malevolent ghost, Brok seeks a cure before his increasing growth kills him – and to escape the isle and make his way back to Winnipeg.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights
by Adrian Dingle
(available through Amazon & comiXology)

A collection of every Nelvana of the Northern Lights comic, published during Canada’s golden age of comics. Nelvana is an Inuit demigoddess who vows to protect the Northern lands from evil – be that shady fur trappers, invading Nazis, ice dragons, or interdimensional goblins!

Polka Dot Pirate
(available through this website or comiXology)

A collection of stories featuring Polka Dot Pirate, published during Canada’s golden age of comics! Polka Dot Pirate is sworn to protect Canada’s coastline from smugglers and petty criminals, and she does so with a flourish and quick wit.

Wow Comics #01
(available through this website or comiXology)

A restoration, cover to cover, of one of the very first comics in Canadian history!

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux
(available through Amazon)

A follow-up to the popular The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, featuring new, shorter stories by the same authors.

Not in Print:

Habibi: A Muslimah Love Anthology
edited by Hadeel al-massari
(available for individual sale only, through Amazon)

A collection of prose fiction featuring romance stories by Muslim women.

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls
by Hope Nicholson

A collection of true-life romance stories by women in the geek industries. Currently licensed for print by Dark Horse Comics.

Prairie Comics Festival Zine, 2017 & 2018

Anthologies of comics made as a fundraiser for the Prairie Comics Festival.