Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures (upcoming)

Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures (upcoming)



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Edited by S.M. Beiko
Estimated Release Date: Fall/Winter 2020
Page Count: 200
Format: Softcover
Size: 7.5 x 10
Graphic Novel
Age Range: Teen & Up


What haunts our hearts today may haunt us in the hereafter . . .

In future-Edo Japan, two lovers cross paths after fifty years apart. A drone-stream influencer is stalked by a spectre her online audience can’t see. Trans vampires’ lives intertwine in cyber-goth Paris. A non-binary chaplain serving a haunted space station becomes enamoured with the ship’s AI. And the treachery and passion of a gestalt alien mind reaches critical mass for the explorer who discovered it.

With stories spanning time, galaxies, and spirits, Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures features 18 original stories, casting the indelible themes of gothic romance forward in time, to imagined futures and tomorrow’s afterlives.