Brok Windsor (PDF)
Brok Windsor (PDF)
Brok Windsor (PDF)
Brok Windsor (PDF)

Brok Windsor (PDF)

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Created by Jon Stables
Release Date: February 2015 (re-release: June 17, 2017)
Page Count: 194
Size: 6.5 x 9
Black and white interiors
Age Range: Teen & Up


Lost since 1946, this is the first reprint of the wild sci-fi adventures of Brok Windsor: Doctor, adventurer, and giant.

Dr. Brok Windsor was on an ordinary fishing trip in Lake of the Woods when he finds a lost island hidden behind magical mists. Crashing his canoe on the shores of Chaqua, Brok discovers the powers of the island have changed him, increasing his growth exponentially each night – and without a cure it will shortly kill him! Teaming up with Torgon, the son of the deposed leader of a technologically advanced Blackpaw tribe living on the island, and the mysterious Starra, the imprisoned grand-daughter of an ancient ghost, Brok sets out to find a cure. Along the way he discovers intrigue and treachery, fighting off the gruesome monsters of the island.

The adventures of Brok Windsor were published from 1944 through 1946 by Maple Leaf Publishing in the pages of Better Comics and was created by the artist Jon Stables.

Edited by Hope Nicholson (Nelvana of the Northern Lights)

This collection features an additional story never published written by Ted Ross & John Stables in 1946 and newly illustrated in 2014 by Scott Chantler (Two Generals, Northwest Passage).

Reprinted with the permission of the estate of John Stables.

This edition is in black and white, and does not feature the extra historical essays included in the first hardcover edition. With your purchase you will also receive a free copy of the ebook edition that contains this content.


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